Covid-19 Alert Cards

In the first lockdown we designed the alert cards.  For general issues, disabilitiesillness to be personalised by you, friends or families. Autism alert cards, essential companion cards and some for professional social care workers.  They have been hosted by the British Association of Social Workers and the Dept. of Health and Social Care Covid-19 Guidance Resources. We ask that you cut out both shapes stick them together to make them more robust and ideally laminate them or put them in a see through plastic cover or sellotape so they don't tear or get marked. These led to SEDS being awarded and commended for part of our support to Covid-19.   These are FREE but if you would like to make a donation of any amount please use the donation button.  Thank you. 

















Latest Gov.UK guidance on Covid19 is linked below:

Medical Alert Information Card (non specific)

Medical Alert Tips Card (non specific)

'I am on the Autistic Spectrum' Card

'I am an Essential Carer' Card

'I Cannot Wear a Mask' Card

(non specific)

'I Cannot Wear a Mask' Card

(I am on the autistic spectrum)

'I Cannot Wear a Mask' Card

(I am an essential carer/companion)

To download these cards, please click the pdf below:

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