Delighted that my Ehlers-Danlos and Hypermobility blog for is 2nd most read in 2020! is an online space for educational psychologists to share, create, engage, debate, enthuse, and work together, across boundaries to develop and improve the lives of children and young people. I wrote this for them and it was interesting as there was not a lot of recognition of the syndromes/disorders. Therefore, I thought it all the more reason to raise awareness. I had no idea it would be the 2nd most read blog in this Covid19 year. This does show there is demand and need for more awareness and understanding in schools and educational settings.

Also delighted to be contacted from different parts of the world and although this was based on my UK experience and shortened career, it obviously touched a nerve in other countries.

The blog discusses the symptoms of EDS and HSD and how they are much broader than hypermobility and can impact children’s physical, emotional, and psychological development and be barriers to attainment and attendance. So children are suffering or not understood that this is real and not made up. This issues are that hypermobility syndromes are both visible and invisible and that is when belief can be absent. More to come....

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