We have useful information here plus in the Covid-19 tab with our award winning alert cards.    


Have you had issues using online webinars and conferencing with many others and not know when or how to have your turn to say something?     SEDS in partnership with theautismconnected have designed and produced these cards  and they are free to download and use.  We ask that you cut out both shapes stick them together to make them more robust and ideally laminate them or put them in a see through plastic cover or sellotape so they don't tear or get marked.  They are FREE but if you would like to make a donation of any amount please use the donation button.  Thank you. 


SEDS has opportunities for volunteers to help with the running of it. There are lots of different roles available, which will suit the varying time that you are able to offer. If you are interested please complete the form, outlining what areas you have knowledge in so that we can assign the roles and help SEDS to keep progressing and carrying on the good work.

Volunteering Form

Counselling, mindfulness & help for anxiety and depression

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